Durring the winter seasons in connecticut, there are usually two things fisherman do to keep themselves occupied. Ice fishing and river fishing. 

During the winter months, the ice on Connecticut ponds is usually deep enough for ice fishing. Although it's challenging to fully explain ice fishing to beginners, the fish in winter are typically found slowly lurking in the deepest parts of the water. Due to the cold water, the fish move slowly and won't eat fast-moving baits commonly used in the summer and spring months. Consequently, live worms and smaller jigs are the best baits to use for fishing in ponds and lakes during the winter.

Unlike the ponds and lakes, fishing during the winter is arguably one of the best times to fish in the rivers. The cold current keeps the river well-oxygenated, and the trout are very active. Also, due to the lack of flies landing on top of the water, it becomes easier for conventional fishermen to catch species like trout, as a significant portion of their bug food supply is cut off. I prefer using small spinnerbaits and small plastic worms in the river whenever I fish during the winter months.

Header photo by Atle Mo on Unsplash