Where Should I fish?

Connecticut is a state that can be considered having good mix of everything in terms of fishing. Although Connecticut isnt the best area for fishing, we have a bit of everything. Winding rivers such as the Farmington River allow for great fly fishing for species such as trout and smallmouth bass. A vast collection of lakes and ponds also provides great fishing for fish such as largemouth bass. And the cold winter temperatures allow us to have decent ice fishing.

With such a variation in bodies of water, discovering where to fish as a beginner can be a challenging question. However, the truth is, you can start fishing anywhere! In my many years as an angler in Connecticut, I have discovered that fish live in almost every pond, every river, and even in seemingly ridiculous spots such as storm drains.

However, if you are looking for a place to start for the first time, I recommend looking for a fishing spot with minimal land obstructions. The fewer trees, buildings, people, etc., there are behind you, the easier it will be to learn how to cast a rod and observe behaviors that fish exhibit. For example, a favorite spot of mine is a large circular pond in the middle of a grass field. Other open areas that you can start fishing at are beaches and floating docks.

Remember, finding a fishing spot doesn't need to be thought out completely. All that matters is that you get out and start fishing. If the spot you started fishing at doesn't work, you can always change spots later.

There are also community-made apps that you can use if you want to find specific places to fish. An app I often use when exploring a new area is called "FishBrain" and allows people to make community posts about what fish they caught and where they caught it. Imagine it as Instagram but exclusively for fishing content.

For more information on how to approach a fishing scene for the first time, watch my video below.