How Do I Get Started 

This is a common question I often get when someone tells me they want to get into fishing. Fishing tends to be a confusing hobby to get into, but it gets easier as time progresses. Like all things, practice makes perfect! Getting started consists not only of going to a fishing spot and learning to fish but also of owning and being able to use the right gear. Although many fishermen make the argument that any lure or rod can catch any fish, this isn't completely true. Having the right lures and equipment (especially depending on your region and target species) is key to effectively catching fish. You can find the section of my website on what gear you need to get started by clicking the link below ↓

Great! Now that you have the right gear to get started, all you need to do is find out where to go. Knowing where fish are is something that takes lots of time and energy to figure out. However, it all starts with just going out, looking for a body of water, and starting to cast. As you start fishing, you will find spots that work better than others. So make sure you explore many places rather than staying in the same spot forever. If you have trouble remembering what each spot you visit is like, bring a notebook and take notes about what you notice. If you are still looking for tips on how to find your first-ever fishing spot, make sure you check out my article about it by clicking the link down below ↓

If you need help with the basics of casting, I recommend watching a visual YouTube video on it. However, if you are more of an in-person learner, explore local fishing charters, tours, and guides. Professional anglers around the world are willing to help people who either want to get into the hobby or want to further their knowledge. Although I encourage everybody to save their fishing money for future lures and equipment, some people prefer to learn this way, and for that, I thought I would mention it.