There are hundreds of fishing accessories, but which ones do you actually need? The truth is, you don't need that many. Many accessories are either unnecessary for most people or are just completely ineffective. However, I will recommend to you which ones you should invest your valuable money in.

Fishing Line: You may have your rod, your reel, and your bait, but these don't work unless you have proper fishing line. Fishing line comes in three different types: Braid, Fluorocarbon, and Monofilament. For beginners, you should use Monofilament, or as fishermen call it, "Mono." This is because they are clear plastic, have lighter weight capacities, and can be used for all different lures. As a beginner, you want to avoid fluorocarbon because it is used for specific fishing techniques that are employed by more advanced fishermen. Braid is also good, but it is unnecessary due to its thickness and huge weight capacities. It is also very heavy, so many people choose not to put it on spinning rods because it travels a significantly shorter distance when casted than mono does. For weight, I like to use 6-pound and 8-pound capacity lines for my spinning rods.

Here are some good line recommendations:

Nets: Nets are good for beginners who may not know how to hold a fish. This makes it easier to land and pick up fish, so you don't have to try and pick them up from the water with your bare hands. They are also good for species such as trout, which are very sensitive to being touched with bare hands. Some nets may cost more than others, but they are usually all just the same thing.

Here are some good nets for a low price:

Hook Grapplers: A lot of fish you catch will either inhale the hook far into their mouth or have teeth. Either way, in some situations, you want to avoid getting the hook out with your hands. Because of this, companies have made fishing hook grapplers. These are used to grip the hook and pull it out of the fish's mouth so you don't have to reach your hand into it. Like nets, they are all usually the same thing, and the price doesn't matter.

Here are some links to the grapplers I recommend:

Header photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash