Although Connecticut's fall season is the most beautiful season, it is unfortunately the worst season for fishing. During the fall, the water becomes colder, and the fish move out deeper into the middle of the water. Not only does it make it significantly harder to reach the fish when you are fishing from shore, but the fish also don't even bite as much as they did during the spring and summer. However, the trout fishing season does start to pick up again during fall. Because the water starts getting colder again, trout become active and hungry. It is during the fall too that the government will start to stock trout again in the river and in a select amount of ponds and lakes. In case you didn't know, trout are the easiest to catch right when they come out of the stocking truck.

During the fall, I like to start throwing heavy, slow-moving baits to reach the fish at the bottom of lakes and ponds. For example, fake worms, dropshots, Ned rigs, and fake crayfish work best during the fall. As for the river, I like to use small fake worms and spinners to catch both trout and smallmouth bass. Fly fishing also picks up in the month of fall. Although I don't fly fish that often, woolly buggers and mayflies work phenomenally well on river fish in the fall.

Header photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash