During the summer months in Connecticut is when you will see most people fishing. Although spring is considered the best time to fish, summer is considered the easiest because the fish have adjusted back to the warm water. During the month of summer is also the best time to start fishing as a beginner because the fish will be distributed well throughout the entire body of water.

In the summer, almost all of the fish in ponds and lakes will be done breeding. During this time, all of the fish will leave their beds and swim throughout the water, looking for food. During these times, the fish will usually be found swimming in schools together, looking for baitfish. However, the schools will usually cycle between deeper and shallow water. So during the summer, don't be afraid to find new spots every now and then, especially if nothing is biting. The fish will always change locations throughout the summer, so it is perfectly fine if you decide to come back to that spot as well.

In ponds and lakes during the summer, I like to use the same fast-paced lures that I've used in the spring. Topwaters, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits work phenomenally during this time of the year. Fake worms and Ned rigs will also prove to bring great results during this time of year.

During the summer in the river, trout fishing starts to slow down as the warm water makes the trout more spooked to lures they see. However, the smallmouth bass bite will significantly increase during this time. Smallmouth bass in the river tend to bite smaller lures similar to trouts. This can include small spinners, small fake worms, and spoons. Smallmouth bass are also very exciting fish to catch because they put up a huge fight, especially when you are fighting the river's current as well.

Header photo by Vivian K on Unsplash